Three Reasons To Outsource

Outsourcing is more commonplace today than ever! Companies outsource IT services, accounting or other administrative services, and customer support desks. Generally, businesses will cite cost-savings as their number one reason to use a Managed Service Provider (MSP), but there are other equally important factors.

  1. Efficiency of operations: Outsourcing specific positions gives your employees the opportunity to focus on their primary responsibilities. Does the following scenario sound familiar to you? 

You have a couple of employees, who have been with your company for years and have moved up the ladder in different roles. They know all the “ins and outs” of the business. Because of their broad knowledge base, they are the “go to” people on the team, especially when anyone has a customer service problem. 

While it’s great to have employees who are resourceful and able to step outside of their normal role to help other team members, it also pulls them away from doing their own work and what they do best. Soon, you notice those same team members are working overtime to catch up on their workload—which means increased costs to you. 

By outsourcing certain positions like customer support, you are able to delegate part of your business to an MSP, who quickly becomes an expert on your systems and processes. Then your “go to” team members have time to document policies and procedures and better train your internal staff. This allows your team to focus on their core competencies. Soon, operations become streamlined and more efficient.  

  1. Access to larger talent pool:  Every company wants to hire the best and the brightest talent available. Here’s the challenge: you can only hire the talent that is available in your immediate community. 

While you can expand your recruiting efforts outside of your area for higher level positions, this is time-consuming and expensive. But using an MSP with a dedicated team of highly trained professionals gives you access to top-notch talent outside of your geographic area that you would not be able to recruit. 

There are big cost-savings here as well. You can retain the services of an MSP at a lower cost than hiring an employee, especially when you factor in the cost of benefits, computer and telecommunications equipment, and the cost of training your new hire.  

  1. Enhanced Customer Relations: Nothing kills the reputation of a company faster than poor quality customer support. Using an MSP to manage your support desk gives you a team of experts with the right blend of soft and hard skills to efficiently monitor, track, and respond to all support tickets. 

Your customers will experience white-glove service that will have them raving about the service they received. Happy customers leave better reviews online, tell their friends on social media, and become loyal fans of your business. This is a win for both your business and your customers.

If you’d like to find out how outsourcing can help your business with these three key areas, give CanvasIT a call. We want to help you reach your business goals in 2019 and beyond!

Micah Laughlin

Micah Laughlin is the founder of Canvas IT and a leader in technology management services, supporting organizations of all sizes and helping them to thrive in spite of IT challenges and organizational changes. His first-hand experience with Service Desk Outsourcing companies led him to create a better way of doing IT outsourcing, the way he’d want it done. Today his philosophy carries on at Canvas IT as he creates a custom solution for each client just the way they’d want it done. Micah’s service desk management philosophy has supported dozens of growing businesses, adding value to the IT services they provide. Prior to founding Canvas IT, Micah spent more than 24 years managing IT operations – with 18 spent balancing the need for open, flexible systems with the restrictions of the highly-regulated healthcare industry.

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