Staying Ahead Of The Game

Providing outsource support for companies means being able to adjust and adapt quickly to your client’s ever evolving tech support needs. It’s critical that you put systems in place to help you stay ahead of the game and keep your team informed.

We have one client that is in expansion mode, and they plan to add several thousand employees by the end of the year. They also will add several new locations throughout the region. As a team, we have to stay in front of that activity and be up to speed with their support needs.

Our vision goes further than this: As a company, we have to be prepared to staff up so that we are meeting our client’s needs. This can be a huge challenge to overcome, because right now we only have projections for the future. When you don’t have all the details, it’s very hard to plan.

There are two crucial components in a situation like this that actually can be leveraged for a positive outcome.

  1. You have to have great communication. I am in constant communication with this client. Some days it feels like I talk more to them than I do my own internal team, but that communication is critical. I need to be in the know of what is happening at their locations.
  2. You need 100% transparency. We have to be able to address concerns as they arise. I continue to emphasis the need to let us know if we’re performing up to their expectations or not. I want to find out the moment something is not working correctly so it can be addressed quickly and resolved. If there is a concern and it’s not brought to our attention right away, I often notice the client pulling back and communication stopping. In this industry, you have to view criticism as an opportunity to improve.

When a client is in a major growth pattern, our team can expect big changes almost daily. I have weekly Change Management meetings with a client, and after that we have a meeting with our support team.

Sometimes we experience performance issues. In that scenario, we bring the team into the office. While this has a tendency to bring the morale down a bit, it is effective.

Eighty percent of our employees work from home, and the long commute into the office can be discouraging for some team members. But we do fun things to combat morale issues—like ordering pizza for lunch.

We use this opportunity to train our team better. This also provides a setting where team members are able to work one-on-one with their managers. The incident managers sit and work with the team directly. Sometimes, we have really quick stand up meetings at different stations to address particular issues that crop up.

As we hire new team members, we emphasize that this is a fast-paced environment, and we all have to remain flexible to deal with all the changes that are certain to occur. Implementing good communication and practicing transparency with the team makes a huge difference in everyone’s ability to adapt and change. It also leads to success—not only for our company and our clients but also for individual team members. In the end, it’s a winning combination.

Courtney Lurry

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