At Canvas IT, we do just one thing and do it right. We provide full service, top tier, service desk support solutions for your end–users…just as you would. We will never skimp on service and will never sell short the Service Desk function just to get you to buy other services.

Just the Right Fit – For You and Your Customers

Although no two organizations have the same needs when it comes to service center support, the one thing they do share is that there never seems to be a time when they are overstaffed, under challenged and simply waiting around to answer calls and resolve problems. Rather, call volumes continue growing and call center resources continue to be stretched. Let Canvas IT turn that around so you can devote your in-house resources and energy to the more strategic functions that will help your business grow. We provide value to your organization through our customized support solutions that create a solid support infrastructure comprised of both Canvas internal resources and crucial vendors that provide best of bread technology for your operations. And, we manage your business as you would because we understand the importance of providing an exceptional experience with every interaction.

When you partner with CanvasIT you get:

  • A 100% on-shore talent
  • Meaningful service level agreements and objectives
  • Extensive ACD and ITSM metrics to drive better decisions
  • Single point of contact, on-shore, domestic remote support
  • Phone, email, portal and chat interaction options
  • Experienced, tenured agent staff
  • Ticket, contact or seat-based pricing deliver the lowest TCO

Expert Service Desk Solutions

Let us create a flexible solution for you that maximizes productivity and enables your business to grow.


Core Business Hours Support Desk In some industries, the clock does stop at a certain time and after hours support is not needed unless there is an emergency situation. TIER TWO, Core business hours support is for these organizations. All after-hours interactions are rolled to a voicemail with an emergency Priority 1 expert on call. We cater to your core business hours.


Support Help Desk – Every Second, Every Day Let’s face it – you spend a great deal of time evaluating the latest greatest mobility platforms and collaboration tools. Why? So your valuable employees can work anywhere, at any time, from any device. The effect on the support organization is profound. IT Support in now a 24/7/365 proposition. If your employees work any time, any day from anywhere, Canvas Tier One Always-On Service is for you. We support you every second of every day with three service levels, Foundation Professional and Bespoke, depending on your need. Find out which one is right for you.


Support After Business Hours Companies may be fine keeping their core business hour support team in-house but still need some after hour assistance. With Canvas IT’s after hour’s partnership, organizations don’t have to choose between staffing the service desk with full-time employees who receive only a few calls per shift and sending calls to an unstaffed voice mailbox. Let Canvas IT’s experts handle your organization’s after-hour support. Pricing based on number of tickets, not hours of coverage. Ease of mind knowing you are covered.


The Critical Link to Your Customer Your Customer Care Services is the critical link between your customers and the company- it’s one of the most vital components of success and a reflection on your brand. Every phone call defines the customer relationship and makes or breaks customer loyalty. Canvas IT provides customer care representation second to none, whether for complaint and issue resolution, order management, appointments, scheduling, billing Issues, payment processing or anything in between, Canvas IT is here to help.


Application Support

CanvasIT supports everything from large enterprise cloud platforms, industry specific, specialty on-site premise applications and everything in between. We add new applications to our list everyday to support our clients. A few of the applications that we support include:

Office365 Sharepoint SalesForce SalesTools Mass360 Cognos WorkwiseTCM OpenVoice Databasics eClinical Works Nuance Dragon Docusign Go To Meeting SAP UltiPro Kronos

Call Coverage, Prioritization and Escalation After acquiring an amalgamation of technologies and experiencing rapid growth, many organizations find themselves in a technical support bind. TICKET TRIAGE is the solution for them. It is a simple way to make sure that every call is answered by a live, experienced technical analyst. From the first point of contact, each call is properly triaged and escalated to the appropriate person or group.

Canvas IT immediately shows improvements in operations

A well known US hospitality supply company transforms help desk support with Canvas IT outsourcing, eliminates 100’s of monthly inquiries, improves satisfaction scores, employee up-time, and performance.

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