Perfecting The Customer Care Experience

Keeping IT support desk positions filled is challenging in an industry that is rapidly growing. 

Rather than finding the perfect person to fill that role, many support desk providers focus solely on filling those positions as quickly as possible. 

That approach creates high turnover:

  • Employees get burned-out with the demands of work they are not well-suited to perform.
  • Some new hires view the position as a stepping stone to a “better” position. 

This means customer care takes a backseat to making sure the KPI’s are being met. It’s a numbers game, with the focus on how fast tickets can be answered and resolved. Creating a positive customer experience doesn’t factor in at all.

At CanvasIT, we recognize that our employees are the strength of the company. 

While our core competency is providing IT support services, we understand that every interaction we have with one of your customers can make—or break—that customer’s loyalty to you. 

This is why we study the hiring practices of companies like Apple and Google. We utilize the services of an industrial psychologist to choose the candidate, who best supports our vision of being a customer experience company.

Support desks by nature are high volume and transactional based. Our focus is on how to engage in a customer’s actual experience. 

People call because there is a problem, but that’s only a small glimpse into that person’s world. By taking time to understand the work being performed, and how this issue is impacting others, we are given the needed clues for providing an efficient resolution.

We ask specific questions about the problem and how it impacts the client. We may discover that this concern has been ongoing for several weeks. 

By focusing on the broader picture and not simply striving to mark a ticket resolved to increase the first call resolution metrics, a support desk agent provides a customer experience identifying the entire problem, not just one tiny piece of it. 

In a scenario like this, the agent may have to escalate the support ticket for a higher tier of support, and it may take longer to resolve, but in the end, the customer will be more satisfied.   

Why is that? 

  • They are engaged on a human level and not treated like another number in the queue.
  • They are listened to—and heard. 
  • The agent showed compassion, empathy, and exemplified putting the “care” back into “customer care.”

This is how we exceed expectations at CanvasIT. We believe that every support ticket received gives us the opportunity to advance our clients’ reputation for quality and service.  

We also believe we can interact with each person and not just view them as filling another support ticket. Finally, we believe we can disrupt the status quo of customer experience and turn it into a human experience.

That’s why all of our service desk solutions are backed by our Exceptional Experience Promise.

Micah Laughlin

Micah Laughlin is the founder of Canvas IT and a leader in technology management services, supporting organizations of all sizes and helping them to thrive in spite of IT challenges and organizational changes. His first-hand experience with Service Desk Outsourcing companies led him to create a better way of doing IT outsourcing, the way he’d want it done. Today his philosophy carries on at Canvas IT as he creates a custom solution for each client just the way they’d want it done. Micah’s service desk management philosophy has supported dozens of growing businesses, adding value to the IT services they provide. Prior to founding Canvas IT, Micah spent more than 24 years managing IT operations – with 18 spent balancing the need for open, flexible systems with the restrictions of the highly-regulated healthcare industry.

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