Is Your Business Competitive?

The need to remain competitive in business frequently drives CEO’s to look for ways to reduce operating costs—and that can be a double-edged sword. 

Focusing solely on cost-savings may cause burn-out, poor morale with key team members leaving to seek new employment, and customers feeling disconnected.  

Some larger companies have outsourced their support desk to offshore companies, as the pay-scale for workers in places like India or the Philippines is dramatically less than in the USA. But this can be problematic. 

This may save some money short-term, but there’s a bigger risk of losing long-term client relationships, especially if the quality of service is not up to par. To remain competitive in today’s business world means creating a quality customer experience that is unique. 

Customers are willing to pay a higher price for a product when there are enough benefits to justify it. 

Think Lexus. Think Apple. Think Neiman-Marcus. These are just three companies that provide products at a premium price, and their loyal clients are willing to pay that price because of two things: Quality and Customer Experience.

Providing an exceptional customer experience is within the realm of every business. It starts with the culture of your company and building a support team that takes pride in their ability to care for the customer.  

For many companies, customer support is a thankless position. It’s the low job on the totem pole. If your hiring practices are focused only on filling a position with little to no regard of the candidate’s ability to build rapport with the client, then you are missing the point of customer service.

You want to hire people who have the ability to problem-solve technical issues while maintaining a caring human touch. Just hiring a “warm” body leads to turnovers where people treat the job as a stepping-stone until they find a better position.

As a first step, change your culture to acknowledge the importance of the support desk position and build a company based on exceptional customer experience. Use as much care in hiring for this key position as you would for hiring for a management position. 

Create a culture of positivity and appreciation by publicly, and privately, recognizing employees who are exceeding their KPI’s, like first-call rate resolution—and doing it with a white-glove approach to client care.

Make sure job candidates have a blend of soft skills and hard skills which are required for the perfect customer support. Also consider partnering with a domestic outsource company, who has a dedicated team of highly trained customer support agents. 

At CanvasIT, we follow hiring best practices to ensure that our support agents are well-suited for their position and represent your brand with integrity. You want to build a brand that is known for quality and exceptional customer support. Then you will remain competitive for years to come, and that’s an excellent goal for 2019!

Micah Laughlin

Micah Laughlin is the founder of Canvas IT and a leader in technology management services, supporting organizations of all sizes and helping them to thrive in spite of IT challenges and organizational changes. His first-hand experience with Service Desk Outsourcing companies led him to create a better way of doing IT outsourcing, the way he’d want it done. Today his philosophy carries on at Canvas IT as he creates a custom solution for each client just the way they’d want it done. Micah’s service desk management philosophy has supported dozens of growing businesses, adding value to the IT services they provide. Prior to founding Canvas IT, Micah spent more than 24 years managing IT operations – with 18 spent balancing the need for open, flexible systems with the restrictions of the highly-regulated healthcare industry.

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