Houston, We Have A Problem!

Some companies put all of their focus on sales and marketing and assume their IT department is keeping pace. But their business can’t scale up because the IT department is buried in a backlog of support tickets.

If you find yourself with a similar dilemma, it’s time to take a good look at what’s going on in your IT department.

Here are four warning signs that you have an IT problem:

  1. Support ticket backlog: Have you seen a steady increase in the backlog? That could be an indicator that your IT department is overwhelmed. Keep in mind, every backlog ticket increases the chance of a disgruntled customer, so take this seriously.
  2. IT staff working overtime: There will always be times when your IT team is in a crunch and works overtime. But if this is the new “norm” in the department, you are not staffed adequately.
  3. Frequent delays on projects: Do you feel like your IT team is constantly pushing out the deadline on projects and never hitting their goals? Chances are it’s because they are pulled off-task too often handling support tickets to actually focus on project development.
  4. High turn-over rates: Do you have a revolving door in your IT department? This is always a red flag that morale is low, and it can become a very expensive problem. Recruiting is costly, and top-notch IT people are in high demand.


Some companies try to solve these problems by hiring more IT professionals, but that’s an expensive route to take. You may discover you hired a System Analyst to handle password resets!

Outsourcing is a cost-effective way to manage this. Many support calls are for routine problems that follow a step-by-step documentation path, which means a Tier 0 or Tier 1 support team can handle those problems quickly and send your now happy customer on their way.

An outsource support desk can also scale up quickly to meet a rising call volume. If a problem is more complex, the support ticket can quickly escalate to Tier 2. This saves you money by only paying for the level of services you really need, instead of utilizing your highly paid IT team to handle Tier 0-1 problems. This is another big cost-saver for you, as recruiting is expensive and time consuming.

When you factor in the lost productivity time from interviewing, onboarding and training new employees, you’ll see there are many more hidden costs to hiring more internal staff. If you hire several new team members and business drops dramatically, you will be forced to deal with layoffs and no one wants to do that. Outsource support desks are able to scale—up or down—very quickly to meet your company’s call volume.

Outsourcing takes the load off your IT department. You will see increased job satisfaction now that your team isn’t working round the clock, turn-over is reduced, and morale improves. Those critical IT projects can now be delivered on time, since your IT department is able to once again focus on their work. Utilizing the services of an outsource support desk gives you a true partner in your business growth!

Micah Laughlin

Micah Laughlin is the founder of Canvas IT and a leader in technology management services, supporting organizations of all sizes and helping them to thrive in spite of IT challenges and organizational changes. His first-hand experience with Service Desk Outsourcing companies led him to create a better way of doing IT outsourcing, the way he’d want it done. Today his philosophy carries on at Canvas IT as he creates a custom solution for each client just the way they’d want it done. Micah’s service desk management philosophy has supported dozens of growing businesses, adding value to the IT services they provide. Prior to founding Canvas IT, Micah spent more than 24 years managing IT operations – with 18 spent balancing the need for open, flexible systems with the restrictions of the highly-regulated healthcare industry.

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