Help Desk ROI – Value vs. Dollars

The IT help desk is often the first point of contact for customers who make purchases via the internet or through distribution channel stores like Best Buy, Target, or Walmart. The initial communication between the help desk professional and the customer sets the tone for future interaction and provides brand value.

The help desk is also an important group within an organization to provide support for its employees.

In either case, effective IT help desk support is integral to the successful growth of a company. Organizations must assess how the dollars spent on their help desk provide a return on investment (ROI) that will increase the value of their product, services or overall brand.

Some factors that should be considered include:


There is no doubt the IT department is a valuable resource. When you are stumped or need help with the many technological advances inherit in this day and age, the IT department is there to help.

An effective IT department is experienced, well trained, knowledgeable and able to troubleshoot a problem to resolution. An ineffective IT department is not well trained, is limited to the constraints of a manual, and inadequate in addressing complex issues ultimately impacting their value to the organization.

Effective ROI analysis provides a framework for addressing direct and indirect cost such as training and management and loss that can be suffered by insufficient investment.

Source: MetricNet

Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate goal of the help desk is ensuring customer satisfaction. Surveys are an effective tool for measuring the success of the IT support team. A team that responds to questions effectively and efficiently creates a return on investment that drives increased revenue.

Common measurement metrics consist of the following:

  • Average Speed of Answer
  • Cost per Contact
  • Agent Utilization
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Number of System Outages
  • Overall Number of Phone Calls
  • Overall Number of Incidents Opened with the Support Desk, by Agent, Hour or System

Investment Decisions

If your IT Team is ineffective and it’s costing the company money then it is time to explore ways to improve the situation. Add Training classes to increase the knowledge of the team, integrate self-help tools and consider remote management.

Outsourcing is an option that is particularly effective if an organization is looking to reduce overall cost. CanvasIT is specifically built to serve the help desk need that provides a unique alternative. CanvasIT employs professionals at the top of their fields that excel in customer service and communication.

With the right ROI analytics in place, your organization will discover the best investment decisions for the provision of the help desk where the dollars spent equal increased value.


Micah Laughlin

Micah Laughlin is the founder of Canvas IT and a leader in technology management services, supporting organizations of all sizes and helping them to thrive in spite of IT challenges and organizational changes. His first-hand experience with Service Desk Outsourcing companies led him to create a better way of doing IT outsourcing, the way he’d want it done. Today his philosophy carries on at Canvas IT as he creates a custom solution for each client just the way they’d want it done. Micah’s service desk management philosophy has supported dozens of growing businesses, adding value to the IT services they provide. Prior to founding Canvas IT, Micah spent more than 24 years managing IT operations – with 18 spent balancing the need for open, flexible systems with the restrictions of the highly-regulated healthcare industry.

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