6 Reasons Why I Love Working with CanvasIT

As an incident manager at CanvasIT, I love my job and my role in this growing IT company. While there are many great aspects to working with CanvasIT, here are six main reasons why I love our company.


  1. Flexibility for Work-Life Balance

CanvasIT’s workplace environment allows me to work from home or remotely, with the same structure as going to the office every day. This flexibility makes CanvasIT different from any other helpdesk I’ve worked with in the past. It helps myself and the team achieve a work-life balance, which is so important for anyone holding down a job and other life goals at the same time.

Because I can work from home, or from the office, I can set my own agenda every day. I focus on what needs to be done to complete my tasks instead of worrying about packing up my things for the office, commuting, and all of the other logistics of having to work outside of the home.


  1. Company Culture

CanvasIT cultivates a truly collaborative atmosphere, focusing on the continuous training and development of their employees. Encouraging employees to bounce ideas off of one another, share experiences and knowledge openly, adds another dimension to an employee’s growth and success.

I have worked in a few groups within CanvasIT, and the company culture spans across every group and every employee. No matter the situation, everyone agrees that we can all learn something from everyone.

With such willingness to collaborate, there is no ‘me’ — it’s always about ‘we,’ and what we can accomplish together to meet our clients’ needs.


  1. Managing My Team

My team is like a diamond: they are spectacular in what they do and in the knowledge they hold. My job is to shape and mold that diamond to make it the best it can be.

I work with my team to determine how we can adapt to meet our clients’ individual needs, which is always our top priority.

It’s an easy task, thanks to how receptive, open, and technically skilled they are.


  1. The Effectiveness of My Work

I love working for CanvasIT because I can see the impact of my work, and the difference I’m making in the company, every single day.

I have worked for IBM and other large IT companies, but CanvasIT stands apart because it feels like a thriving technology startup, which makes my work highly effective. I can see exactly how my decisions, actions, and management shape the company.


  1. Employee Benefits

Working remotely is a huge benefit of being on the CanvasIT team, but there are even more employee benefits that make this job very attractive.

CanvasIT gives us medical, dental, and vision benefits from day one. We also have the option to purchase car insurance and home insurance through HR, at a discounted rate that comes directly out of our pay. Not having to worry about recurring bill payments helps relieve some of the stress of the day to day so I can focus on my work.

CanvasIT really shows its appreciation for employees, which is another great benefit. We often have potlucks or delicious food for the day.


  1. The People

People make CanvasIT what it is. They are diverse, able to troubleshoot any problem together, and they work diligently to provide the best service possible, tailored to our clients’ needs.

CanvasIT has a great culture and we work hard to maintain a thriving working environment in a company that really makes a difference to people’s lives. Whatever your connection to CanvasIT, working with us is rewarding.


Janay Douglas

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