4 Reasons You Need an Outsourced Service Desk

Technology should move a business forward. But when technology isn’t working efficiently – or when it stops working all together, it can grind the productivity of a business to a screeching halt. For dental practices that operate on a break-fix model, these everyday technological issues can be extremely costly to the practice.

Outsourced service desks can keep practices up and running smoothly. They provide a proactive, centralized support center that dental practices can reach out to whenever they have any type of issue – from resetting passwords to complete system failures. There are ways an outsourced service desk can keep your dental practice running smoothly:

1. An Outsourced Service Desk Can Provide Immediate Support


An outsourced service desk offers a one-stop-shop when tech issues occur. Without a centralized solution, staff members can be left to their own devices – Googling for answers, trying to reach customer support for each application or piece of hardware, creating their own workarounds, or waiting endlessly for an in-person visit from a technician. All of this calling and waiting on hold leads to lost productivity and delays in business processes. When users reach out to a help desk, however, they only need to make one phone call or send one email in order to get a solution underway.

2. An Outsourced Service Desk Detects Issues Before They Become Problems Through Proactive Monitoring

Managed IT services are precisely what they sound like – they manage and monitor all networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This monitoring allows technicians to detect even very minor issues before they grow into full-fledged problems. Thanks to remote monitoring, most of the time these issues can be resolved without the staff ever even knowing. This type of proactive service keeps networks and applications running smoothly, and significantly limits downtime.

And when issues do become problems that require a service desk call, managed IT providers can fix them remotely. Technicians can login to a client’s system, and even control users’ desktops in order to solve problems quickly.


The “customers” are internal, but they should be treated with the same compassion as an external customer would be treated.

3. An Outsourced Service Desk Provides Accountability and Tracking

Accountability is everything when it comes to providing service. Unfortunately, not all customer service centers believe in accountability – especially if you already own their hardware or software. Agents don’t have much incentive to correct your problem, since you’re already stuck with the technology.

Service desk personnel, however, are accountable for providing solutions. And those solutions can be tracked through ticketing systems. Tickets give users the ability to see progress as it occurs. They can also see who is working on the issue and when that person will have a solution. Tickets remain in the system even after they are resolved, so that if similar problems occur, service desk personnel can provide a solution quickly. They can also take ticket data and use it to formulate a long-term solution to prevent a repeat problem from continually reoccurring.

4. An Outsourced Service Desk Gives Your Technology More Value

Technology is incredibly expensive. Adopting a new software system alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars. When a dental practice doesn’t have a full-service IT department in place, staff members may not use applications in the most efficient ways. They may not fully understand the benefits of each application, and often times, staff members may be engaging in redundant processes without knowing it. A managed IT service desk solution can help staff members become more efficient with these processes. They can provide “tips and tricks” to help users move quickly within individual applications, and they can help administrator’s optimize processes to help maximize a practice’s technology investments.

Dental practices that engage the help of an outsourced service desk spend more time focused on patient care and daily operations, and less time putting out fires. And when the staff is focused on providing exceptional patient care, it has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Dorian Nimmons

Dorian oversees all Service Desk operations at Canvas IT. Dorian is a champion for delivering quality and employing ITIL Best Practice Methodologies. He applies measurement of key metrics, including call experience ratings to ensure a continuous state of improvement. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina in Information Technology. Prior to joining Canvas IT, Dorian headed the Help Desk IT group at COVAD Communications and MCI Telecommunications, managing a team of over 400 Service Desk analysts. Dorian also served in the United States Air Force for over 10 years as a leader in the Healthcare field. Over the course of his career, Dorian has supported over 100,000 end users

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