Support Desk Services that Scale with You

Perfecting the Customer Care Experience

Technology changes almost as fast as your organization. CanvasIT is built to keep up.

CanvasIT is built on a philosophy of continual improvement in pursuit of providing the highest quality customer experience. Founded with a focus on clients’ expanding needs, our mission is to surpass expectations and earn your trust with premier domestic outsourced services.

Matching Expectations

CanvasIT assigns the right team at the right tier to ensure the right support desk staff is solving the right problems.

Mastering for Efficiency

CanvasIT masters the platforms and applications your business uses and designs a support desk built for maximum efficiency.

Meaningful Escalation

CanvasIT prioritizes every service request through a ticketing triage system ensuring every customer is properly escalated to their specific support desk technician or team.

Monitored Experience

CanvasIT consistently works to perfect the experience and represent your brand with integrity. We align our service around your specific needs to ensure a white glove experience for your clients.

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Canvas IT immediately shows improvements in operations

A well known US hospitality supply company transforms help desk support with Canvas IT outsourcing, eliminates 100’s of monthly inquiries, improves satisfaction scores, employee up-time, and performance.

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Canvas IT’s After Hours Solution Improves Promotions and Sales

America’s beloved brewery improves sales potential, brand reputation, productivity and employee engagement with the help of Canvas IT’s 3rd Shift solution.

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